Korean actress eugene dating

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The super senior idol is expecting his first child sometime next year.

Eli’s marriage definitely caused up a stir for two reasons.

Just this week, one of the most famous 1st generation K-Pop idols and an idol from the 2nd generation have announced their engagement for marriage!

In celebration of their upcoming love contract, we look back at the idols who have tied the knot while still active as celebrities.

The two will hold their wedding ceremony early next year!

Sung Min got married to his co-star, Kim Sa Eun, on December 13, 2014.The two fell in love while playing the roles of lovers, but Sung Min had to enlist for his mandatory military service just a couple months after their wedding.Sung Min is still a member of Super Junior who is on hiatus for his military duties. She and her former basketball player husband got married in 2010.The former After School leader got married to entrepreneur Yang Jun-mu in early 2016.Kahi announced that they would be expecting their first child in May 2016 and in October she gave birth to a baby boy.

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