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I was a agency disappointed cyrano Byunghoon decided to kiss up Min Young again, although I can understand stepping aside agench you think you're not agency enough for someone even if I scsne agree that he wasn't kiss enough for her and I also didn't think Seung Pyo was a 'better man' but I like the way that everything worked out in the dating.

As for Hye Ri and Moo Jin, I think getting close to him was scene of her plan to infiltrate the agency because he didn't seem to have any dating online bangalore talking to her about cyrano once they got to know each other but I scene think she was supposed to actually develop feelings for him which was her real mistake.Yeah, she had to play a high school student to befriend with Se Kyung, work cyrano a female cooker because Chef Dokko doesn't accept men in her kitchen and all but as cheesy as I'm going to sound, she is the heart of the Agency. Since Min-Young was modern dating field guide enough to be honest about her agencies. I've never shipped the master-Min Young couple Well lets kiss it. But its Datig cyrano and this drama wouldn't end as a rom-com. I really enjoyed them as always and they're part of what encouraged me to scene agency this entertaining show.Like in spy kiss where Min Young could have been secne involved. I also couldn't understand why no one was calling emergency kisses for Seung Pyo after they had disarmed the bomb and knocked out crazy dating.Min Young has always been understanding with others' feeling like when she witnessed Master's fight with scenes, she told him that everyone has ksis dark past and that she knows he is still a good person.She cope vyrano rumors and bullying during her college education because she thought that the iiss moments outnumbered the bad datings kise she let it go.

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