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To be honest, I'm more or less in constant pain; I've already forgotten what it's like to have days with no pain (laugh).

But it's not to the point where I can't bear it anymore.

It has nothing to do with my back pain and such, I'm just someone who never had any interest in working out to begin with.

I prefer muttering to myself while I'm play video games on my own (laugh).

I rarely say 'no' regardless of what kind of work I'm doing.

It's hard to even explain what's so hard about it exactly (laugh).

First off, the difficulty that lies in the sheer volume of those stories, which you have to memorize in their entirety.

Personality and presence are both required in that line of work. Being able to hold concerts that drive tens of thousands of fans into a wild frenzy must surely count as an art unique to idols who sing and dance, right? But I still don't think of my own singing and dancing as being particularly good.

And I've been scared of doing backflips ever since I hurt my back too (laugh)." In a rare turn of events, the conversation eased into a topic about "his own body".

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