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Outside town, Nick and Jake played a game of chicken, and Nick's car went over a cliff and exploded. Jennifer promised never to tell Paige, as long as Eve didn't interfere with J. Eve grieved over Nick, but when Nick left everything in his will to her, suspicion fell upon her. She was rescued and taken to an old deserted mansion by a man named Eddie. But, she used the knowledge to blackmail Eve into allowing a reconciliation between J. In 1988, Nick decided to help Eve gain back her self-confidence. News and More: Return to Soap Central's DAYS Front Page.Nick arranged for Eve to pose on the cover of a teen fashion magazine. Eventually, Paige believed him and the two reconciled. made plans to attend San Jose State so that he could be close to Paige when she went to Stanford. She was a troubled young girl who became a prostitute under Nick Corelli.Kimberly Brady quickly befriended her and eventually hired her to babysit for Andrew.Eddie, however, escaped then returned to the mansion to try to find the rest of the money. Eve had returned in hopes of finding the man who had helped her before, not knowing it was Nick.

An upset Kimberly left Salem to sort through her life. When Jennifer saw the jacket, she started to worry that Eve was having actual feelings for J. : Let us know if we are missing any information in this profile.

When Eve learned the truth, she tried to commit suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills. Eve and Nick set the boys up at a party with drugs and alcohol then turned them in to the police.

Later, Jake and his friends kidnapped Eve and left Nick a note to meet them out of town.

Jack Deveraux (annulled) Frankie Brady (During a 2014 conversation with her daughter, Eve mentioned that she and Frankie were once married outside of Salem.

However, that was never confirmed by any other character.) Eduardo Hernandez (Married and divorced off screen, circa 1997) Shane Donovan (father) Gabrielle Pascal (mother) Andrew Donovan II (grandfather) Margaret Donovan (grandmother) Andrew Donovan III (uncle) Andrew Donovan IV (paternal half-brother) Jeannie "Theresa" Donovan (paternal half-sister) Tate Black (paternal half-nephew) Hit Sarah Horton with a stolen car Former prostitute Paid Jill to get pictures of J. in a compromising situation (September 2014) Conspired with Cole to plant drugs on J. (May 2015) Druged Jennifer's drink (July 2015) Planted a bug in the Deveraux living room (August 2015) Eve arrived Salem under the alias of Eve Baron.

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