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The hate is “I love to hate him,” but you don”t want him gone and every time we have a great player and they leave, a great villain, every time we have a great villain and then they get voted out, the next week people go, “Huh, I kind of miss him.” Yeah, of course. Hit Fix: Well but I think it”s exactly what you said earlier about the Idol is that Tony has simultaneously been the sort of player who”s been in charge, but he”s also been the player who — through his own effort — has gotten, you know, these breaks as well and so it”s the big guy who”s getting the breaks which makes it may be harder to root for than say someone like Cochran.So which do you think works better from your point of view standing on the outside?

I listen to the audience and the audience has been saying… Like I told Spencer from the beginning he had no chance to win the game. I spend more of my energy observing what”s happening. Yes, it”s annoying to have some idiot standing behind you saying “Tony”s falling out of this. Please shut up.” And I”ll tell you, Dan, I will rehearse challenges, a few times a season I”ll run the challenge during rehearsal and John Kirhoffer, our challenge producer, will play me.

How did you feel about sort of returning to the pure version of “Survivor,” I guess. We didn”t know going in, you know — Is this gonna work? If you look at this season and last season you could, just off the five I just mentioned and then go to “Blood versus Water” and take Culpepper, Hayden, Ciera, Vytas. So we”re on a roll and also learning, “Hey, that”s right. It”ll work.” Hit Fix: Well now I”m very interested in sort of the way that your role changes per season.

Fans kept asking us for it but they had also been enjoying the returning players seasons. I will say that we felt really good about the cast. Let's see, that”s nine just without a list in front of me. In “Blood versus Water” it felt like often at Tribal Council you had to sort of poke and prod to get people to make moves and to sort of do things. I think it”s a really interesting observation because I continue to try to pay attention to my role and evolve with the show.

We just wanted them looking for this elusive thing. I don”t remember the exact details, but he found it very fast.

And I, as a player looking from the outside in, would say, “Like it or not he deserved it.” And the idea to lie with it is pretty freaking brilliant because none of us, none of the producers, saw that happening. And when one of the producers came back and said, “Tony”s gonna lie.” I went, “Oh my God.

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