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Some are looking for sex, some are looking to detach themselves from what they believe mundane military life is, some are looking for a partner simply because they are lonely.

Most of the men I meet from the military fall into those categories.

Last I checked, this policy did not prohibit explorations of Okinawa such as seeing Shuri Castle, Kokusai Dori, hiking, snorkeling, or enjoying many of the beautiful parks Okinawa offers.

The guys I encounter seem to want someone to vent to, and an expat woman with no connection to the military is their way out while complaining about their “difficult” lives because of the Liberty Policy.

Later, I found his drive to be intelligent was only to compete with me.I can’t relate to them because my interests consist of things that aren’t military.In addition, time on the island of Okinawa is brief.I have many friends in the military, and I in no way, shape or form dislike them or their service to the country I love so much.I realize they gave up their comfortable lives in their homes with their loved ones so I could be free.

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