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Instead, “He sat me down, and he was like, ‘there’s been some things and stuff going on, and you’ve been voted off the island’.” Archer then assumed he was being moved to another store.But no; he was being terminated, told that he didn’t mesh well with others and that his lifestyle had “a little bit to do with it.” When Shane had his exit interview with the founder he asked him, “Did you fire me for being gay?I just want to do everything different than any other salon is doing.” Apparently, the name is serving him well.There are similar success stories throughout this year.And he wanted to grow his staff, their and the salon’s clientele, and the community.As Archer says, “we just want Grow to keep growing.

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“A lot of salons build, or try to build, loyalty to their brand instead of to their stylists,” Shane notes, “so if the stylist ever leaves, then the salon still keeps the clients—keeps the money. Exemplary of this are the coffee bar in the waiting area and a color bar where, “instead of sitting in front of a mirror gazing at yourself looking like a crazy person with foils hanging everywhere and color on your eyebrows, you can sit and work on your laptop or eat lunch or talk to someone across the table.” He relies on the word “community” to describe Grow.“Ethan gave me the opportunity to train under him and some very successful hair stylists,” Archer continues.“He gave me a launching pad—kind of like a springboard—to get me where I am.This year, we’d like to celebrate one of our first-time, first-place winners.Although he has previously won best stylist, with Grow, Shane Archer has pulled an upset to win Best Salon.

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