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I mean, what is a fella to do because her hair was black and her eyes were blue? There were other incidences of the Spanish coming to our shores.The Spanish Armada hit Irish beaches in 1588 in a 130-strong fleet.But I always wondered if he was actually Irish or some English relative had dumped him in some cold and raggedy institution straight out of Angela’ s Ashes on a holiday to hide the pregnancy.So the results are in: and my DNA surprisingly matched the family tree records.After that the English showed up and sprayed their DNA all over us, which shows up in the DNA records.While the Irish weren’t at all happy with the Brits coming over here and planting themselves in their midst, they sure did a lot of breeding with them.

C., various Celtic tribes expanded to the Iberian Peninsula, France, England, Scotland and Ireland.Considering the amount of rogues and weirdoes in my family history, it seems like a miracle that there weren’t some fancy Greek or African or Mongolian genes in there. I was pretty much the whitest white girl known to man.But some good news: I am 7% Irish, which means that my adopted great-grandfather was of Irish descent. I did have a bit of Scandinavian and Eastern European in there as well, plus some European Jewish, but considering that my German zealot relatives come from the region nearby this was no surprise.My known ancestry was German on my mother’s side (my German relatives fled to Australia to set up a religious utopia… On my father’s side we were supposed to be Irish, however there was spanner in the works: My great-grandfather was adopted, supposedly from a Dublin orphanage, by an English couple on their way to Australia.We have no idea why they went to Australia via Dublin to pick up this Godforsaken child en route.

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