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Keep in mind that the HTTP protocol is stateless, and so maintaining state across requests is a must.As always, code snippets are available over on Github.

In real world everything has life cycle, then why not in programming, after all, software is all about mimicking real life.We will create a dynamic web project in Eclipse with servlet context as Servlet Http Session Example. is same like earlier example and defined as welcome page for the application in Login Servlet servlet will create the session and set attributes that we can use in other resources or in future requests. Http Session; /** * Servlet implementation class Logout Servlet */ @Web Servlet("/Logout Servlet") public class Logout Servlet extends Http Servlet Notice that I am printing JSESSIONID cookie value in logs, you can check server log where it will be printing the same value as Session Id in Login Below images shows the execution of our web application.They can also be used for passing some data from one servlet to another. If we specify a path explicitly, then a is another option for storing user-related data across different requests.A session is a server-side storage holding contextual data.

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