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ENFP relationships must have excitement, newness, and even some surprises in order to prevent the “inspirer” from becoming bored.This type of individual takes relationships seriously and will definitely go to great lengths to make their partner happy but the effort has to be reciprocated.An ENFP’s mind is always mulling over possibilities and what-ifs.While this amped-up imagination is wonderful in moderation, it can be easy for individual to form expectations based upon their imaginings and become disappointed or bored with what reality has to offer.This is where the partner needs to step in and provide for ENFP’s mental, emotional, and physical needs.This persona doesn’t necessarily run through relationships at an unhealthy rate, but when it is clear that things aren’t going to work out, the “inspirer” has no problem moving on.

ENFPs are often affectionate and considerate partners because of their need to please and be accepted.Boredom can drive this persona to act more impulsive than usual which could land him or her into trouble.Many individuals with this personality are not happy with the bog-standard life of a routine job and uneventful home life.This type of individual may have an excellent sense of humor which, as an extravert, will only encourage others to like them even more.This extravert is an excellent talker and has a knack for getting others to open up.

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