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Have all dps fall into the hole literally as close to the boss as their class allows.The offtank will only stand about 5 feet from the furthest out dps and let the adds virtually walk to him as the current a.i.General Zarithrian is a member of the Black dragonflight.He has lead an assault on the Ruby Sanctum in order to weaken the Red dragonflight in preparation for his master's return.Through mocking, humiliation and force of will, the Warleader can inspire the meekest of troops to greatness.

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On the battlefield, the Warleader shines as a warrior on the front line and inspiration to his allies.Good threat management is tricky, but essential for instance work as a Warrior.Without managing threat, one can pull the mob off the tank if you are DPSing, or lose aggro on the mob if tanking.He’s the most merciless in the clan and there’s nothing he finds more exhilarating than being on the front line.He’s intimidating to both enemies and fellow soldiers alike.

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