Intimidating nickname

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Since he doesn't want to be sued, he is posting everything he was going to put in the book here for the UG, for free! Matt Serra on how he got his nickname “The Terror” : “I got that in high school, one of my buddies came up with it cause it rhymes with Serra. A TKO promoter at the time told me I was like a rush of adrenaline.” 4.

Frank Trigg got his nickname “Twinkle Toes” because he painted his toenails.

I said no at first, but I’m actually a Count in Poland (grandfather was a Polish Count). I made the mistake of telling someone at school and I was subsequently made fun of.” 11.

Randy Couture on how he got the nickname “The Natural” : “Joel Gold called me that after I beat Vitor Belfort the first time because I kind of adapted to his style and beat him standing up, which nobody expected. He asked me if it was okay to call me the Natural and I said ‘I’ve been called a lot worse’.

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If you are looking for intimidating names, now you find the right place!

Jon Koppenhaver got his nickname “War Machine” from Phil Baroni “due to his bio-mechanical tattoos and his original sparring style which he says at first he “couldn't go light only hard.” Koppenhaver ended up legally changing his name to “War Machine” due to copyright claims much like the Ultimate Warrior did as a way to continue to use the name.

War Machine : “SO in case you didn’t notice in my last fight the UFC did NOT use my nickname when I fought.

Trigg : “I was fighting in Japan when a woman in the audience picked me out and said, ‘I like the fighter with the twinkle toes’.

My manager heard it and that was the end of it.” 5.

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