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Now churning out post after post about scheduling practices would get boring very quickly.Instead, their blog covers topics such as how to boost productivity, when to ask for customer feedback, and where to find the best employees .These are all topics that are interesting and valuable to small business owners.

The topics you cover must be relevant to your audience, but do not necessarily have to be directly related to your product.The challenge is to find interesting topics to write about. Now if you’re in a “sexy” industry like travel, food or fashion, you’re going to have loads of interesting business topics to write about. Technology writer Farhad Manjoo commissioned a study by Chartbeat that revealed that most readers stop reading after getting 60% of the way through a typical blog post.They simply weren’t sufficiently interested to keep reading till the end. Topics which are all about your company are not likely to be interesting to your average reader.It’s important that your stories are full of personality and you have characters that your audience will root for. He cites the hit movie “Top Gun” as a great example.Now Top Gun was a film about hotshot pilots starring Tom Cruise.

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