Inconsistent behavior in dating

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None of us were the kind of woman who "needed" a guy in her life at all moments.And yet, we'd all found ourselves tolerating behavior we shouldn't have, in spite of the toll it took on our self-respect.After two months, Lewis morphed from a perfect boyfriend to one who'd abruptly disappear from e-mail and texts for days, cancel plans, and behave coldly ...

Or as the fictional Nate does when Hannah finally tells him how she feels, they beg for another chance and promise to do better.But instead, she began making excuses — classic downward spiral of shame.After my relationship with Lewis ended, I was more upset at the person I'd become than I was about losing him.These guys behaved in ways that were hurtful, but they never quite crossed the line so that you had to break up with them.Like Lewis, they tended to apologize after they'd ruined your vacation but before you could say they were totally irredeemable.

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