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To a certain extent, incels believe that they are genetically or structurally inferior.

Faking a post – or an entire Facebook profile – for someone accused of the crime is well within the typical modus operandi of such groups. Subsequent investigations found that Minassian was indeed part of the incel (short for “involuntarily celibate”) community – like Elliot Roger and Chris Harper-Mercer before him – and his rage led him to commit atrocities against innocents.

The men who joined the community were far more antagonistic and vociferous in their complaints than the women were.

Many of the men were far more ready to blame the world for their circumstances than to work for a solution.

Since then, the media has been falling over themselves to discuss the incel community – who they are, what the existence of the incel community means for men, what drives them to such lengths, and so on.

Many people have been asking what we can – or should – do about them.

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