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However, the FAA announced last week that only 2 new FAA Computer Testing Supplements are going to be effective on Monday, February 10th: (1) Sport Pilot, Recreational Pilot, and Private Pilot, and (2) Addendum A Computer Testing Supplement for Instrument. The FAA made every effort to keep the figures largely the same, with changes only for readability/enhanced aesthetics.

Unfortunately, the Sport Pilot, Recreational Pilot, and Private Pilot Computer Testing Supplement was not easy for the FAA to update into color.

The numbers show that the CPA Exam received some of it’s highest pass rates since the AICPA began publishing them online in 2006.

This quarter, we saw the highest average CPA Exam...

Following are clickable links for each new Computer Testing Supplement that will be testable beginning February 10.

Right before the new 2018 CPA Exam blueprints launched, the AICPA released the final set of pass rates from the old CPA Exam.

Rather, a new question of this kind could be considered a parallel question to a current question in the Gleim materials.

In some cases, airports have been renamed or even closed.

The AICPA has released revisions to the CPA Exam blueprints that will become testable on January 1, 2019.

Most of the changes are tweaks to align the Blueprints with new rules, regulations, and laws.

If you have been failing to keep regularly updating your antivirus software, you might not be as protected from internet safety risks as you might think.

It was working fine since long, but I noticed that SEPM stopped updating Antivirus And Antispyware Protection virus definitions and they were almost 1 week old, rest of definitions including Proactive Threat Protection and Network Threat Protection were up to date.

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