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Run the search of your choice, then click on "Use this link to subscribe to an RSS feed for these search criteria", which will appear below the search form after you have run a search.

Copy the URL of that RSS feed from the address bar of your browser.

Note: Internet Explorer does not correctly display RSS feeds for search results from the board of appeal decisions database. Copy the URL of that RSS feed from the address bar of your browser.

This can be worked around by using a different browser or a dedicated RSS reader to display the feed. Then paste the URL into your RSS reader, either in your e-mail client or browser, or on a third-party website.

If there’s still a redirect, you might try testing this in a redirect checker, to see where it comes from, for example with this one: If I disable the SSL plugin then there is no redirect and there’s nothing (apart from the WP Fastest Cache and Word Press code) in the htaccess file(s). What I don’t seem to understand now is how I would 301 redirect to SSL within htaccess and then bypass for RSS.

I’ve tried it many ways including the ways described in the attached links and I’m just not getting it for some reason.

Here is an example of a subscription to "website updates" in the "Online services" category on Netvibes: In order to subscribe to a search profile in Espacenet, run your search, then click on the RSS icon next to the page title "Result list".

Copy the URL of that RSS feed from the address bar of your browser. Here is an example using the keyword "concrete" in Espacenet in Google Reader: To subscribe to a search profile for the decisions of the boards of appeal, go to our basic or advanced search interface for the decisions.

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My domain host (netfirms) said that they don’t “have” any code for bypassing SSL for any specific pages etc.

Thanks for your patience – you’ve all been awesome!

I currently have the SSL plugin deactivated and verified after doing that that it did send me to http on everything. That being said, tried this in my htaccess: Rewrite Engine On Rewrite Cond % ! ^/category/operation-joy/feed/$ [NC] Rewrite Rule ^(.*)$ https:// [R=301, L]But doing this threw me into a redirect loop. ” before “^/category/operation-joy/feed/$ [NC]” then I still end up on http.

For the moment, and until the WP community comes up with a far more idiot-proof solution (for idiots like me) for sites wanting/required to move to SSL, we have left Really Simple and Remover on and Fixer off and, embarrassingly, we have setup a background cleaner to pre-process our RSS feed to Mailchimp to correct the URL’s.

We now have SSL across all of our sub-sites with Mailchimp campaigns going out with working image links and our designers able to login to do their work.

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