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You see all those fancy schmantzy bloggers offering webinars. After all, webinars are supposed to be the hottest thing on the Net. I’m here to tell you something: the world of webinars has changed. So if you want to rise above the mass of wannabe bloggers, running webinars is a savvy option. Unfortunately, I headed into my first webinar ever with the attitude, “I haven’t got time to practice, but, hey, it can’t be so difficult! We agreed to meet up as presenters in the software’s “green room” a few minutes before kickoff. I waited a few minutes and then started the webinar without him. After a little while, I said to the participants: “Er… And I’ll tell you exactly what you need to know to run successful online events.

And everyone and their cat is queuing up to watch them. Here are the benefits: But if webinars are so damn sexy, why don’t more bloggers use them? But first, let’s consider what content to choose for a webinar.

I’m sure you can imagine how these topics would lend themselves as content for a webinar.

In fact, could be transformed into a whole series of webinars!

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