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The advent of digital payment has the potential to create new challenges for the North American hotel industry, but with these challenges comes opportunities for those who have done their groundwork.Hoteliers should embrace the new ways people are communicating and be ready for the changes in consumer behavior and expectations that are on the horizon.nu Liga ist die neue Kommunikationsplattform des Handball-Verbands Niedersachsen in Bezug auf die Verwaltung von Spielberechtigungen und später auch zum Spielbetrieb.

Ausgenommen hiervon sind die Partner, mit denen der Handball-Verband Niedersachsen spezielle Vereinbarungen getroffen hat.

Additionally, social media marketing supports the real-time promotion of new products and services, all while yielding measurable consumer data that can be further leveraged to target, engage, and grow a base of consumers.

Popular social media networks—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat—are steadily growing on a global scale.

It is thus important for hotels to have a brand presence and a marketing effort on social media channels, especially since social media marketing has been proven to be more effective than traditional marketing (when utilized correctly).

Social media marketing allows for two-way communication between consumers and customers; this interactive element helps companies cement a long-term consumer following.

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