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(For ease of reference, ‘trans men’ here includes non-binary people seeking masculinisation, and vice versa.) If you wish to pursue HRT, please seek a qualified health professional.HRT is safe when done under proper medical supervision with regular blood tests to ensure that everything is fine.In other cases, consistency may be an issue, such that what seems like the same dosage may end up introducing wildly different levels of hormones into your body each time.Your doctor will assess your suitability for hormone therapy and discuss the risks and benefits of treatment.In yet other cases, trans people retain patterns of sexual attraction rather than objects of attraction: a trans man previously in a ‘same-sex’ relationship with a woman might find that, after transition, he’s still exclusively oriented towards same-sex relationships, which would now mean being with a man.Trans women report increased sensitivity to heat and cold, and vice versa for trans men.Back to top Many transgender people report positive mental effects from HRT including being cured of depression, increased sense of calm, increased confidence, having a clearer mind, being more in tune with one’s emotions, greater sense of connection to one’s body, and an overall sense of well-being. Testosterone is associated with more intense but shorter-lived emotions, and vice versa for estrogen.

For example, trans women develop a higher risk of osteoporosis, while trans men develop a higher risk of heart disease.Potential side effects include erectile dysfunction, loss of ability to ejaculate, loss of libido, infertility, weight gain, mood swings, depression, increased risk of deep vein thrombosis, increased risk of breast cancer.HRT for trans men consists of testosterone administered most commonly through injections (the cheapest, safest option) in periods ranging from one week to four months depending on the formulation.As an example, one batch of testosterone purchased online was tested and discovered to be petrol.Other sources may be severely watered down and consist primarily of oil, or be mixed or laced with dangerous substances such as mercury that could cause serious damage to your body.

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