How to stop messenger updating

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On i Phone Using the Settings App on Android Using the Google Play Store on Android Community Q&A This wiki How teaches you how to delete the Facebook Messenger app from your i Phone or Android.Deleting the Facebook Messenger app will automatically sign you out of Messenger on your smartphone, but you'll still be able to chat with Messenger users by using the Facebook website.But don't worry, if you do have this problem, these steps should fix it.We'll start out with the i Pad simply forgetting about the app. Sometimes, a download will stall out due to a poor connection or similar reason, so make sure you have a good connection to the Internet.Everytime I open Windows Live Mail, it automatically starts downloading ALL my emails from my inbox onto my PC.This is slowing down my internet connection, taking up a lot of hard disc space, and raises privacy concerns as all my emails are being stored on the PC.Do you have an app that refuses to update or a new app that is stuck in the middle of the download?This is actually fairly common and there are a number of reasons why an app might get stuck in the downloading phase.

If the computer isn’t rebooted or shutdown for days at a time, this method needs to be used with care.

How can I stop Windows Live Mail from downloading my emails? I recently installed Windows Live Mail and signed in with my hotmail account.

Everytime I open Windows Live Mail, it automatically starts downloading ALL my emails from my inbox onto my PC. If anyone is still monitoring this after 4 years... If I include any of my mail addresses (work and home) in the synchronise settings, then Live Mail downloads them whether I wish it or not. I have managed to set the interval to 480 minutes which hopefully will reduce the interval somewhat, but I would like to stop it altogether!

This will tell Windows Update not to reboot automatically even if the update requires it.

To make things easier, here is the file which you can download and simply double click to export the value into the registry which works on all versions of Windows.

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