How to spot a scam on internet dating sites what to know when dating a black man

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Plus, the countless real online love stories only serve to make this scam even easier for criminals to pull off.Most people hope they wouldn’t be naïve enough to fall for such scams.They are looking for love and may believe they don’t have a great chance of finding a partner.As such, they become vulnerable and are more likely to fall for these scams.

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Sometimes the message history is enough to use as a threat, especially if the victim is married or in a long-term relationship and is hiding this online relationship from their significant other.

According to FBI Special Agent, Christine Benning, the majority of victims are women over 50.

She explains that ideal targets might be those who are recently divorced or widowed.

An initial test might involve sending a small amount of money.

This could be for a child’s birthday present, to help an elderly relative, or to get a car fixed.

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