How do people dating in spain

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From my experience, and I think it's fair to say it's plentiful, men from the Med love more easily but leave more easily too.Life is too short to stay in bad relationships is it not?What do you do when you spend a lengthy amount of time in a new place as a solo traveler and don’t know anyone but you are kind of over the whole solo vibe? While I was there I dated the Michelin chef, a lawyer, a news cameraman, a British guy who came in town for a weekend, a guy that worked for Zara, and messaged with a whole bunch of other guapos hombres.

Despite keeping myself in reasonably good shape, spending time and money on my appearance and limiting my booze intake to an amount society deems acceptable, when it comes to meeting hot men - it's slim pickings. Firstly, I have neither the time nor inclination to stand around in bars and pull, most men of an appropriate dating age are now either married or homosexual, and those who are not, are chasing skirt ten years younger than themselves, in the hope of bagging themselves some arm candy before, they too, are on the proverbial shelf.

As much as I love exploring alone and wandering through a museum without being rushed, I do love meeting people and making new friends. There is no way that I would have found these bars on my own.

I went to Spain last fall to visit my brother and his wife who live in Madrid. We ended our date on an amazing rooftop drinking cañas and he even drove me home.

A few hours later, I got a notification that cute chef sent a message. I didn’t really plan to stay in Madrid for so long and I sure as hell did not expect the election to turn out how it did.

I was in Europe first and foremost to go to Morocco and then avoid the US presidential election.

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