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A Chinese site with massive traffic got everyone on Wall Street all hot and heavy and they saw dollar signs. They simply have "a claim on some of Alibaba’s profits" but no actual ownership stake. Giving bonuses to all employees who could come up with something that would help them make the leap. They pushed the Alibaba IPO to the 3rd highest in history. I wrote about the risks extensively pre IPO but no one wanted to hear. It was simply facilitating their access to the outside world. When a team in Shenzhen created the We Chat app, Pony Ma (President of We Chat's holding company Tencent) knew he had it right. Everyone was too excited about this amazing "internet company from China". At times Jack made a show of weeding out fakes but things soon went back to normal. Truth be told: They were a big part of China's rise. Don't get me wrong, I have a good following on Weibo and used to love it but mostly ignore it now. Anyway, why did Jack Ma go to the US to raise money? While pundits compared Alibaba to Ebay, they missed a few key points. Copies, fakes, IP ripoffs, these were a major part of China's overall strategy to eventually develop homegrown tech. So those hordes of overweight traders who haunted bars like Frank's Place in Beijing in the 90's started to lose their way. Anyway, it got to the point where Alibaba had a absolute monopoly on the Chinese export market. It was a major source of revenue for certain divisions of the PLA. The consumer of choice was no longer the American consumer. Think MSN: Good schools, good family, 1st Tier City. And to be honest, most MSN users looked down on QQ people to some extent. And more scams and scandals came from QQ than anywhere too. Buyers were still necessary but their ability to mark up China exports started eroding the moment Alibaba was launched. But as with all things China, they change, quickly. Alibaba cut out many of the buyers who travelled to China and Taobao, Alibaba's next iteration, went the last mile, straight to the consumer. (Recall, Alibaba was for export to foreign markets) The consumer everyone wanted was the Chinese consumer. QQ: all the rest MSN had the preferred users in almost any marketers mind. Everyone had a QQ account, don't get me wrong, but it was just for chatting with that one friend who lived in the boondocks or that cute girl out in Hebei.. Websites often have names like 888126for email and on and on. Unfortunately, he’s also in charge of making sure all the naughty kids get their fair share of coal (boo).When Santa’s Little Elfer isn’t building presents at the workshop, you can find him and the other elves at the local tavern drinking spiked eggnog while getting their groove on to some step dancing and jigging.

Much was written and is still circulating the bowl about "Alibaba's technology" lol and Jack Ma's genius. And no one else could see it so the Chinese government, paranoid of social dissent, would be more tolerant. One of the key factors that led Starbucks to success was fascinating the shift from American drip coffee (think gas station or "church coffee") to glorious Latte and Cappuccino. So Farmer John strolls in, looks that the menu and instead of saying "I'll just have a coffee!

This app is much like Tinder, except it has a few extra features.

Most prominently, it lets you score your matches and downvote rude or inappropriate people. Bretts are matched with 24 per cent of the time, compared to the least matched name, Joel.

Echo, at the chemical company 200 miles out of Qingdao, would do whatever it took to make the sale.

From over 200 names, The Grade ranked the most and least right swiped names, according to heterosexual men and women.

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