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Harassment in the workplace can take on many different facades.Harassers may make offensive jokes, call victims names, threaten fellow employees physically or verbally, ridicule others, display offensive photographs, or impede on another person’s work throughout the day.

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Sexual harassment is considered a direct violation of the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Unwanted sexual statements can be made in person, in writing, electronically (email, instant messaging, blogs, web pages, etc.) and otherwise.

Touching, hugging, kissing, fondling, touching oneself sexually for others to view, sexual assault, intercourse or other sexual activity.

Law related to a hostile work environment is enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Harassment becomes unlawful when either the conduct becomes a requirement to continued employment (or if it affects an employee’s salary or status), or the conduct is considered hostile, abusive, or intimidating.

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