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The Underground River is the longest subterranean river in the world, extending 8.2km underground. The surrounding National Park includes many species including monitor lizards, the Blue-naped parrot and macaque monkeys.The park is located 50km north of the city of Puerto Princessa on the island of Palawan.It contains the largest island, inside of a lake, which is on an island, which is inside a lake, which is on an island. ) Taal is a very active volcano which has killed over 5,000 people in recorded history.It has been named one of the 16-decade volcanoes in the world worthy of special study.It rises 2462m over Legazpi City in the province of Albay.Boracay Boracay is a small island approximately 200 miles south of Manila and is very close to the major island of Panay.Many people have believed that they were human creations.Geologists are not entirely sure how they were created.

When you visit, you can see terraces still being built today.Inside the Taal caldera is Lake Tall, which is a 25km across.The lake is known for its high sulfur content and is also home to many endemic species of freshwater fish. Mayon Volcano Mayon volcano is perhaps the most perfectly shaped conic volcano in the world.Its white sand beaches and direct flights from all over Asia have made it one of the Philippines most popular tourist destinations.White Beach is the longest beach on Boracay and extends 4 km on the west side of the islands.

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