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Later, he moved her into an apartment and paid the rent himself, just so she would have a roof over her head.Even while he was being blackmailed, Scarbeck refused to take any money for the information he passed on.A Navajo native, Sergeant Lonetree was stationed at the US embassy in Moscow during the Cold War, and unlike many of the other Marine guards on base, Clayton didn’t have a wife or a girlfriend to write to him.He took to heavy drinking, which distanced him even more from his colleagues in the Corps.Clayton Lonetree served nine years in a military prison and never saw Violetta again. But at Scarbeck’s trial, what had originally seemed to be a clear-cut, sexy spy scandal turned out to be a tale more convoluted than anyone could have imagined.According to Discher’s testimony, their affair hadn’t been about sex—at least, not at the beginning.Regardless of how the affair played out, Scarbeck was found guilty of espionage and sentenced to three consecutive 10-year sentences.The terms were later reduced to concurrent sentences, and Scarbeck was released on parole in 1966.

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Pretending to be on his deathbed, Fox invites three former lovers to his Venetian palazzo for a final visit: penniless Princess Dominique (Capucine), fading movie star Merle Mc Gill (Edie Adams), and Texas millionairess Mrs. By chance, each of the women brings Fox a timepiece as a present. However, when Sarah returns from a late-night date with Mc Fly, she finds her employer dead of an overdose of sleeping pills, an apparent suicide. When she confronts Mc Fly, he locks her in her room, telling her it is for her own safety. After Mc Fly complies, an amused Rizzi compliments him on his "generosity"—while Fox may have been deeply in debt, Mrs.

At some point, Clayton began to realize the truth . He gave Sasha everything the man asked for, seduced by promises of a reunion with Violetta. In December 1986, Clayton got drunk and spilled everything to a CIA agent. While serving as a foreign service officer for the US State Department in Poland, Scarbeck, 41, had an affair with Urszula Maria Discher, who was 22 at the time.

He was subsequently arrested and tried for espionage. The setting was Warsaw in 1959, and it was a set-up from the very beginning. Polish agents broke into the apartment and took photos of the two in bed, then threatened to send the photos to Scarbeck’s family unless he turned traitor and gave them state secrets.

It’s a tale of hushed phone calls and late-night rendezvous, of secrets whispered through lying lips.

But femme fatales and lovers’ plots are not exclusive to fiction.

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