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Dawn will be in this story as a member born into the Summers family. Will Rex be able to shape the group of rookies into war-able soldiers for the front lines? Then finally Derek explains to Stiles why he's been acting like this.

How will the Scoobies cope with the consequences of Halloween. Heartbroken due to Anya's death, Xander finds himself in LA. Ahsoka thought she cared for all the 501st clones equally, but over time one stood out apart from the rest. angels Merlin goes to his first year at Albion university enjoying drunken games learning about his magic meeting new people and of course, dorming with Arthur, the prince of Wales.

Xander Harris feels like a waste of space and that the world would be better off without him. Thanks to a mysterious demon, he finds out for himself exactly what a world without Xander Harris would be like. Being a superhero with a smartphone is no exception.

What are the repercussions, and how does the Weyr deal with it, in the middle of a Pass? (Updates sporatically)Everyone who has a smartphone knows that auto correct is a pain in the ass.

The team know nothing of Xander's past but when they respond to a John Doe case, what will happen when the John Doe is Spike? He's a terrible person." [Cross-posted at AO3]There were several different situations between Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex in which they seemed to appear closer than what was considered proper. NCIS AU fan fiction, starts at the end of Season 10 and wanders into AU territory mid-season 11. Ingva is summoned to serve the dragon riders that come on search by her grandfather Lord Ingron.

He'd just never imagined he would actually meet the man that had changed so much for him all those years ago, a man until now, he'd thought was just a figment of someone's imagination. The Avengers are coming together as a group and Tony finds himself unexpectedly trusting these teammates of his, even though he's only known them a short while, and if you can't trust Captain America, who can you trust? The Avengers find themselves caring more than they expected about Tony, and only want what's best for him after all. A spy has entered the Camelot Corp., sent to destroy the man they call the Dragonlord, Arthur Pendragon's invisible protector.

So I start telling them the story: break up, get back together, break-up, get back together — just, ugh, the worst!

And I picked up the guitar and (songwriting partner Max Martin) said, ‘This is what we’re writing,’” she once revealed to .

Xander and the Scoobies find themselves on the Hellmouth on Halloween. But Sam has read Everything Ever and suspects what's going on, needs to confirm it and so he kidnapped the world's expert in Sentinels. Taking place two years after the formation of the Clone Rebellion, Captain Rex, now promoted to Commander is training a squad of ten Clones on Kamino called Apex squad.

Life will never be the same again for Xander Harris. The squad is classed as one of the most challenging to train as it is even more reckless than what Domino Squad was once. Six events in Derek and Stiles' life where Stiles does something to make Derek growl at him and they choke those around them with all of the UST.

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