Hg updating to public failed

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In turn, that led to a side-effect issue of discouraging outside contribution due to frustration from lack of attention, which is a dangerous problem for an open source project with no corporate backing as it runs counter to having a viable future for the project.

As no pre-existing bot exists to meet our needs, it will be hosted on Heroku [39] and written to target Python 3.5 to act as a showcase for asynchronous programming.

The overarching goal of this migration is to improve the development process to the extent that a core developer can go from external contribution submission through all the steps leading to committing said contribution from within a browser on a tablet with Wi Fi using development process (this does not inherently mean Git Hub's default workflow).

The final solution will also allow an external contributor to contribute even if they chose not to use Git Hub (although there is not guarantee in feature parity). The peps and devguide repositories involve the generation of webpages.

The code for the bot is hosted in the Knights Who Say Ni project [41].

Obviously the most active and important repository currently hosted at hg.[1] is the cpython repository [15].

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