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She gets fucked good and hard in the shower before eating a massive load of cum. This petite girl knows how to give a great blowjob and relishes when a guy has his cock nuts deep in her banging away.Colin parted her swollen lips with his fingers and rubbed her rock-hard clit. Colin soon felt her hands working on his zipper, and in no time her cool fingers were wrapped around the hot flesh of his cock. " Her slick cunt juices coated his fingers and flowed over his hand.Stroking his rock-hard member with one hand, she used the other to trace her fingernails over his glans. In response, Colin sank two fingers into her tight snatch and furiously finger-fucked her, driving her to the brink of orgasm. Colin kept up a steady rhythm, sending shudders pulsating through Rachelle's beautiful teen body. Her pussy clenched, tightening around his fingers until he thought they would break off.Colin had dreamed about this moment since the day he met Rachelle. She arched her back, pressing her luscious tits against his face.

The pretty 16 year-old had lived all her life in the town of Beddington. Rachelle said her tearful good-byes to her friends and told them she would come back to visit as often as she could.Although you could never really call him a pretty-boy, he had a mischievous twinkle in his eye and an infectious smile that made him irresistible to Rachelle. Rachelle was on Cloud 9 that afternoon as Colin dropped her off at her house after school. And when it came to oral sex, Rachelle was quite proud to say, she was no slouch!He reminded her of a younger Matthew Mc Conaughey, the actor. "Yeah, he is cool and he's a lot of fun," Tessa agreed. He hangs around with some people who aren't exactly, well, nice." Rachelle shrugged. Don't worry, I've had enough losers hit on me to know when some guy is no good. At least that was what the boys had said to her anyway!She met him that first day in school in her math class and he sat right across from her. And right now, I'm not seeing anything like that with Colin." Tessa dropped the subject. Rachelle could barely contain herself as she announced to her parents at suppertime that she had been asked on a date.His care-free attitude was an immediate turn-on to Rachelle, and she felt herself falling for him. Rachelle didn't say anything to her new friend, but it sort of sounded to her like maybe Tessa was a little jealous. Her dad thought it was great that she was making such a good adjustment to life in Port City. At the movie theatre, the two lovebirds snuggled up to each other, Colin placing his arm around her shoulders.

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