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The Hunter attack helicopter also can destroy vehicles, but once you get up to three stars you'll be attacked by kamikaze police helicopter pilots.Get up much higher and those Harrier-like "Hydra" jets show up and launch missiles at you. No one ever launches a missile at a tank (unless you do it, or perhaps with the "flying cars" cheat enabled) and you can run right through the suspects' vehicles, although this can propel you off at odd angles.

Want to get up one of those hills I just mentioned?Do it while pointing downhill and you become a cannonball that tends to smash right through whole rows of other vehicles - but given the physics in the game, there are no guarantees.You might just become airborne, rotating several hundred times a minute.Its range is fairly limited and it will always attempt to blow up the nearest thing in (or even near) the line of fire.The shells air-burst, which is sometimes annoying but comes in handy at other times as it will blow up vehicles right underneath where you were aiming.

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