Gridview rowupdating event not

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I have tried to add an event handler to the Row Updated event of my custom control but it is not called.

How do I grab the new values from these textboxes and proceed further?

On Row Deleting - can call registered event handlers" I couldnt figure out how to continue this thread, but the issues in it are related so i'm including it as a reference.

In my custom grid View control I cannot raise the Row Updated event.

I am confused at this point on why my markup and code behind is not touching the Row Updating event when Update button is clicked. So, the Row Update event didn't fire because there was no indication of a Row Update existing.

I also don't understand when I select the grid View control and look at the events in the Properties window of Visual Studio 2010 why I see all the proper event procedures listed for each event I expect to use. I subsequently changed the code behind to explicitly bind to the product table during Row Cancel and Row Edit events.

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