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The film was shot in three weeks on a shoestring budget of €135,000 and, if the finished product was rough around the edges, it was also quite lovely, seducing all who saw it.The leads' on-screen love affair followed off-screen, and the following year the doomed sweethearts (they would split up shortly after) won Best Song at the Oscars for the track 'Falling Slowly'."He told me to go and busk; he guaranteed me that, while I might not become a rock star, if I stuck at it, I'd likely make a living from it.That was his job, he said: to help me make a living." Busking introduced him to a new crowd: artists, singers, "people who read books".

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"I'm grateful for that." Hansard and Vedder became friends in unlikely, and tragic, circumstances.

It's all very abstract compared with nuts and bolts.

I've always loved nuts and bolts." Hansard is one of Ireland's most successful musicians, an Oscar-winning songwriter, and far more the folk troubadour of tradition than he is modern-day celebrity. We've done all right." Raised in Ballymun as the second of four children, Hansard quit school at 13, intent on becoming a busker. They were young - they had me when they were 19 - and still figuring things out.

"Not interested in all that," he scoffs, "and I'm not on the social media." Though he did make the gossip pages recently, photographed mid-singsong in a Dublin pub with the American comedian du jour Amy Schumer. "I didn't even know who she was." When you listen to the rough-hewn beauty of Didn't He Ramble, it becomes clear why Bob Dylan invited him on tour, and why his band, The Frames (currently on hiatus), have found success the world over since forming in 1990. "Early on, we worked out it would take us 60 years of touring here before we filled a room, at which point we just thought f**k having to beg this place for acceptance. "I'd started getting into trouble - drinking, glue, the usual stuff. Dad was drunk the whole time, hardly a figure of authority. He wasn't." Guidance came instead in the form of his headmaster, who took Hansard aside one day, concerned.

Ballymun was a troubled place: 45 children in my class, and none of us getting any particular attention or education." And at home? "He knew I had a brain, just that I wasn't engaging it." The headmaster encouraged him to leave school.

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