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The good part of the episode was ADA Sonya Paxton (Christine Lahti) who adds the right amount of tension to the show.She pushed everyone’s buttons at SVU, especially Stabler’s.She is trying her best to get Benson and Stabler to do their jobs in the right way in order to help get the right person for the crime and get an accurate conviction.When she tries to get the detectives to stop an interrogation until his defense attorney shows up, the fur flies between her and Stabler.The two geocachers are arguing between themselves as the detectives approach.When asked who found her, they both continue to argue, and Benson calls them “girls” when she asks the to stop.His IP address continues to bounce to a new address every time, but he is using wifi on Staten Island, last traced to the Garb Barn.

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Bottom line is that I like Paxton and think that she is a great addition to the show. The worst part of the episode was the end, when the SVU people show that they still haven’t learned how to properly do their jobs.In the media area, they look at the web site for “Techno Treasure Hunt, the world’s best geocaching courtesy of the Master Baiter.” It appears he hides his treasure in crazy places.He kicked off the train tunnel treasure hunt with a video announcement, telling them they will have to “dig deep” for this one.They explain they are geocachers, “ a high tech scavenger hunt.” They seem uninterested in the dead girl, wondering if the “treasure” they are looking for is still out there.Benson pulls out an object marked “GC” that was found behind a switcher box, and both guys claim it is there.

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