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Simply put, in previous generations, when two people went out on a date, nine times out of ten it meant that they were seeking a romantic relationship that they hoped would lead to marriage.Now, though, it’s very, To illustrate, a “date” in 2017 can simply mean going to a bar together, getting obliterated, calling her by the wrong name all night, proceeding to have terrible Tinder sex, and then never speaking again.It's just gotten more confusing."Wade explains that in this new context and new form of communication, it’s a safer bet to go with the “just sex” script, because you won’t look desperate, and you’ll avoid rejection by not wanting anything more than to get all up in her panties."So, with everybody defaulting to using the 'just sex' script, or ready at a moment's notice to flip over to the 'just sex' script to deny vulnerability, then that's not gonna be very rewarding, because it requires them to pretend like they don't care about anybody."People may actually care about each other and want romance, or they might not, but everyone is kind of having to perform this disinterest."Long story short, the problem here is that millennials feel like they need to act like they don’t care about anybody, and they act like they don’t want to But here’s the catch – even though they act like they don’t give a single fuck about emotional connections, they actually do. A lot of young people are, in fact, looking for fulfilling relationships with potential life partners.Women “self-objectify” in profile pictures to get men interested, renouncing the “wrong idea” that they might want something more than a one-night stand.No matter which way you spin it, landing yourself in a committed relationship seems to be, by millennial standards, “the wrong idea.” I want to believe that selected only their most salacious interviewees to quote, but I know that’s not true.With all that in mind, why are millennials having less sex than previous generations?If they have so many options and all the freedom in the world to explore said options, why aren’t they super duper promiscuous?

"One of my students said she felt like there was no ground beneath her feet."I suspect a lot of the sex young people are having is partner seeking…so the sex isn't really for pleasure; it's for this other purpose of finding somebody."If what you're doing is looking for a partner in a culture that expects you to have sex before expressing romantic feelings, this sex becomes part of the game you're playing.According to (cough, cough) the Boomer-run media, twentysomethings/Gen Y/Millennials are narcissists. Back in 1990, Time was smearing Gen X as shallow, apolitical, unambitious shoe-gazers. They would rather hike in the Himalayas than climb a corporate ladder. They have few heroes, no anthems, no style to call their own. They sneer at Range Rovers, Rolexes and red suspenders.

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