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In the 100th episode, Peyton stands up in the middle of Lucas' wedding and tells him she's still in love with him. Front Street, which housed Karen's Cafe and Clothes Over Bros, is currently a fully functioning coffee shop called Port City Java.39.

During a take, Burton forgot her line and Brundage recited it back to her! One Tree Hill was shot in Wilmington, North Carolina, and you can visit a lot of the shooting locations still today. And the River Court was really outside along the river, but was dismantled after the show wrapped.40.

Johansson filmed Season 1, Episode 12 with pneumonia and was quite high on cough syrup during most of the shots. Music was such a huge part of One Tree Hill that the fictional club Tric was written into the show in Season 2 so the writers could feature more bands and artists.22.

Peyton's website, Punk & Disorderly, is still live on the internet.23.

Lafferty took the Ravens jersey he wore in the pilot and the NS23 shoes from the set.16.

Sophia Bush read for the role of Brooke three times.

The first time she was told she didn't look sexy enough, the second time she was told she looked too sexy, and the third time she was offered the part.8.

The episode was really filmed in Honey Grove after the town won a contest in which fans wrote in, saying why One Tree Hill should come to their city.

All of the extras in the episode are kids from the town.33.

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