Frog dating service

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Often people find that once they have taken the bold step to contact someone who seems promising, that enthusiasm fades when the person is quick to judge others or seems to hide their true self behind their internet persona. And increasingly, nobody wants to waste their time chasing the wrong person, only to risk “missing out” on someone else.

As a result, online dating rarely brings out the best in people.

It seems like they have a check list where you gain or lose points each time you open your mouth. If you are not sweet, sporty and confident you might not get called for the second round. Got too tired of the mind games with men who date 5 girls at the same time and know all the tricks in the book.

And if you can’t pee in the bush with class and dignity, you’re OUT! I survived 5 weeks on the website and figured going out was a more fun and less time consuming way to meet people. Yes one actually, but he will probably ignore me after reading this (Per Christian, if you’re out there…).

In the dating profile video, Romeo’s Voice Over, done in Spanish explains his dire need to find a mate fast.

The tone explains who he Romeo is and what he likes to do before asking for help in finding his ‘Juliet’. If I don't find that one special lady soon, my entire species will be gone as we know it. So, if you believe in love and want to help an old frog out, please donate to my cause.

Sehuencas water frogs have a lifespan of an estimated 15 years meaning Romeo doesn’t have much time to save his species.

​ According to the researchers, Romeo has been making mating calls for years and they still hope they can find him a mate, and in the process ensure his species doesn’t go extinct.

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MADOTA is a unique personalized and confidential service. The people I deal with are committed to finding a relationship based on a meaningful and lasting connection.Also, roughly 99% of the people online write that they love going to “gå på tur”, “gå på ski” and “på hyttetur” (hiking, skiing and going on cabin trips).Optionally taking weektrips to some place in gokk with neither electricity nor hot water. It seems to me that all Norwegian girls have been raised to pee in the dark behind a hytte by -20 degrees with reindeers and polar bears watching, so I am sure it’s not a hard criteria to meet (for other foreign girls…maybe a bit different). I don’t have a cabin, don’t know how to ski, I had never entered a gym before moving to Norway because I am lazy, and I have (rectification: had) no pictures of me sitting on the top of a mountain, or rowing a boat in the Lofoten islands.Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC) and the Bolivian Amphibian Initiative seek to raise awareness for Romeo’s story as well acquire funds for an expedition to find him a mate.Romeo's dating profile“Not to start this off super heavy or anything, but I’m literally the last of my species,” Romeo’s touching profile reads.

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