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This has been raised in our telegram group quite often recently, people are interested to find out if keeping ICX within the network will be inflationary or deflationary (ie, will there be enough incentives to keep up with potential 20% additional annual issuance).Many want to run masternodes to yield better returns from the network, but masternodes actually do not exist in our ecosystem.

A common scenario in DPOS systems, delegates create proposals for why you should vote for them, example Ark Delegates, where most delegate candidates propose profit sharing structure in order to gain votes.

A delegate is simply a node (user) tasked to verify transactions on the network.

As a reward, delegates will receive x amount of tokens along w transaction fees within their block.

For instance, in the case of Dash, masternodes gain rights to perform tier-2 functions like Instant Send, Private Send, run Dash’s treasury system, governance voting etc.

Masternodes essentially offer the opportunity of both yield and the potential for capital gains.

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