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After writing for several comedy shows in Los Angeles, he joined the writing staff of Saturday Night Live.O'Brien was a writer and producer for The Simpsons for two seasons until he was commissioned by NBC to take over David Letterman's position as host of Late Night in 1993.The series was notorious in the writing community at the time; O'Brien recalls "everyone wanted to be on that show, but they never hired." He and Kudrow became involved as well, and Kudrow believed he should begin performing rather than writing.O'Brien disagreed, feeling that Kudrow was being overly flattering and that asserting he was happy as a writer.

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Wallace Wolodarsky described a "room character" Conan put on for the writers: "Conan used to do this thing called the Nervous Writer that involved him opening a can of Diet Coke and then nervously pitching a joke.

Literally, in my first ten minutes at The Simpsons, a bird had flown through the glass of my window, hit the far wall, broken its neck, and fallen dead on the floor.

George Meyer came in and looked at it, and said, "Man, this is some kind of weird omen." From 1991 to 1993, O'Brien was a writer and producer for The Simpsons.

O'Brien returned to host the show in 2001 during its 26th season.

O'Brien and Robert Smigel wrote the television pilot for Lookwell starring Adam West, which aired on NBC in 1991.

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