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Play 1v1 against another player in the middle lane.Practice your mid-lane play against another player.35 seconds are allotted for bans, and 35 seconds for picks.Each captain has 130 seconds total bonus time that can be used throughout any selection.There are no punishments for leaving a game, and bots will replace players who leave.Play a hero with four abilities selected from a random pool of abilities.The starting team is randomly selected in matchmaking; if playing in a private lobby a starting team may be specified.

In Unranked matchmaking, The player that clicks the "become captain" button first is the captain; In Ranked, the captain is the player on each team with the highest solo MMR.

The captain also chooses five heroes for their team.

After the captains choose five heroes, each player chooses a hero from their captain's selections.

In addition to standard game modes, Dota 2 also supports Custom Games created by the community.

Each team's captain bans and chooses heroes for the team.

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