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TABLE OF CONTENTS (Click on a link to go directly to that section) site for a complete listing of NABS affiliates (not all the organizations listed below are affiliates).

Acronyms shown are not used by all these organizations.

It is illegal to trap or kill native non-game adult birds without a permit, even if they are harassing birds in your nestboxes or feeders.

In addition, there is an exception in some areas where cowbirds are threatening populations of endangered songbirds.

A cowbird egg looks like a House Sparrow egg but is slightly smaller.

Bluebird nestlings have a yellow mouth - a cowbird nestling has a deep pink or reddish mouth. Blowfly larvae seem more common when outdoor temperatures are warm, and on my trail near wetlands. The adult blow fly lays its eggs in the nesting material.

European paper wasps (The introduced European paper wasp is yellow and black like a yellow jacket, and become active in mid-June, with cells facing outward vs. It becomes "imprinted" on a nest site, so just destroying the nest doesn't work.) Native brown paper wasps are less aggressive and tend to build nests only on horizontal surfaces. Mites are uncommon in bluebird nests, but are common in Tree Swallows (TRES) nests.

SEE MORE INFO AND CONTROL METHODS (e.g., change out an infested nest, make sure nest is dry, clean out box after each fledging.) Paper wasps are nasty buggers that seem to love to quickly build umbrella shaped nests in nestboxes, baffles, and feeders.

If wasps move into a box, the bluebirds will abandon their nest--even if there are eggs or young.

House Sparrows (or HOSP) are deadly predators of bluebirds and other cavity nesters.

House Sparrows will peck eggs, nestlings, and adult bluebirds to death.

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