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I mean, they're really common in Asia but let me see what people thought about it here. Would you care if you found out if your flight was on time by talking to a human or a bot? They found that, on average, it saved four minutes for a call compared to a regular phone call.

So I found a Hotspot study that said 40% of people really don't care if they talk to a bot or a human as long as they get their work done. I mean, that's massive, and that's got to be worth a lot of money if you think about it. So if the whole world is now looking to get bots and customers are engaging with bots, [inaudible ] stuff coming to your website at times, what should you do?

The other one is unstructured data, which is what we pull from your website and try to organize.

And then the knowledge graph, or satori knowledge graph as we call it, is where we pull in information from either the structured data or the non-structured data and we try to create an encyclopedia of nouns.

Ask Skyscanner if my BA flight to Edinburgh is on time." Or I can use it to order a pizza, "Hey, Cortana, ask Domino's to send me my easy order." Or I can even use a bot to help me fix my plumbing at home and I can say that, "Hey, ask Talk Local that I need a plumber to repair my broken water heater." It just takes the pain out of life admin. But from a marketer standpoint, this actually gives us this huge gift.

For the first time in all of history, we can talk to our customers on a one-to-one basis.

It's been one of my favorite topics, and it's a question I get all the time, like, "Hey.

How should I optimize for a voice and how do voice queries rank?

The other thing you must think of as people are using personal assistance a little bit more is optimizing for voice search.They're predicting eight billion dollars in cost savings in the next, four, five years. So it's not surprising that 80% of businesses really want to have a chatbot in the next couple of years. Well, I'm gonna walk you through your four-step process to making conversations convert for you. Step one is trying to find the pinpoints in every step.Now, if you've ever tried to ask for your pizza by asking Domino's, "Hey, Alexa, Domino's for my easy order," versus going to the website, there's a massive time difference.So if I use this, I could figure out that, "Okay, a pinpoint for me and my client is that the customer service reps are often answering the frequently asked questions that people call in to ask, and as a result, there are long hold times for my other customers. So for example, Skyscanner had to teach Alexa or Google Assistant or Cortana how people should interact with it, or if they wanna ask for a flight timing, how to give it to them.What if I build a bot to help answer some of those frequently asked questions so that my customer reps could be freed up to answer more in-depth questions and reduce the wait times? So essentially, a skill is teaching a personal assistant how to use your brand, and a bot is directly your agent like an app.

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