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You'll see the realities of shooting porn, flaws and all.

Some things go really well for Abrina, some things don't (Hint: deepthroating...).

When you have a down-to-earth newbie like Abrina the world just seems a hell of a lot more fun, doesn't it? Rachel is a doll, flat hair, flat abs courtesy of pilates and, thankfully, NOT a flat chest.She blushes and giggles when I ask her to spread her pussy lips for the pictures.If that's naughty to her, I'm curious to see how she'll react during the video. She lets me and Jay feel her perfect tits and let me tell you: they're real and they're spectacular.ECG has been offering exclusive, original amateur adult content since 2005, and they update the site every week with fresh college girls looking to make money for school, or just to get attention and notoriety.I have diligently updated this collection with tons of video of my personal favorites, with tons of amateur sexual escapades and plenty of hardcore fucking.

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