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Doing that on the internet is like flashing large stacks of cash in a dark back alley. A criminal might see how much you have, and decide to come after it.

Distributing your wealth between several wallets and using a different address for each transaction is a common practice that prevents others from knowing how much Bitcoin you have.

While opening an account with a traditional bank or other financial institution requires significant cost and effort, creating a Bitcoin account is quick and easy to do on your home computer.

Over the course of just a few months, you could come into contact with hundreds of Bitcoin addresses.Bitcoin allows you to use any persona or online identity you wish.Being able to use the internet anonymously or pseudonymously is the only way for many people to truly be themselves.Without the ability to pay for these services anonymously, you would be forced to reveal your true identity in order to maintain your pseudonym.A situation which clearly makes no sense, and one with potentially dangerous ramifications.

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