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Those parks and toilets sometimes are a long and lonely wait.

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In His designs there is no haste, no rest, no weariness, no discontinuity ; all things are done by Him in the majesty of silence, and they are seen under a light that shineth quietly in the darkness, " showing all things in the slow history of their ripening." " The unfathomable depths of the Divine counsels," it has been said, " were moved ; the fountains of the great deep were broken up ; the healing of the nations was issuing forth : but nothing was seen on the surface of human society but this slight rippling of the water : the course of human things went on as usual, while each was taken up with little projects of his own." How long the Virgin Mother and her holy Child stayed in this cave, or cattle-enclosure, we cannot tell, but probably it was not for long.

7, 2 is of very uncertain meaning, nor can we discover more about it than that it means a place where animals were fed.

30, where the true reading is " Moses," not " Manasseh ") was an obscure, wandering, semi-idolatrous Levite, content to serve an irregular ephod for a double suit of apparel and ten shekels (i.e.

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Similar facts exist quite commonly among ourselves ; and, ages before this time, we find that the actual grandson of the great Lawgiver himself ( Judg.

which it was never intended to accomplish, it would be mere affectation to deny that I have hoped to furnish much which even learned readers may value.

They have painted the radiation of light from His manger-cradle, illuminating all the place till the bystanders are forced to shade their eyes from that heavenly splendour.

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Då kommer du kunna se våra exklusiva kampanjerbjudanden.

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