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Their discovery of the GMR effect, which the two scientists discovered independently of each other, led to a breakthrough in modern information technology: the storage capacity of hard drives was increased significantly, enabling the miniaturization of storage media.

Peter Grünberg had been honoured for this discovery with the German Federal President’s Future Prize in 1989 and the European Inventor Award in 2006.

Four years ago, Israeli forces and Hamas militants fought a 50-day war.

Israel and Egypt set up a blockade in an attempt to weaken Hamas.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has increased pressure on Hamas by cutting wages of public servants and limiting electricity.

He used the resources associated with this professorship to further pursue research in the field of spintronics with his Jülich working group.

Furthermore, he held a multitude of lectures both in Germany and abroad, and supported the development of laboratories for spintronics research at universities in South Korea and in China.

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