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Read more about what you will see in the "Advising" by reading this PDF. Q: What is FERPA, and how do I see whether a student has signed a FERPA form or not? Q: How do I know what catalog year a student is assigned to? Q: One of the students in my class is concerning me. How do I find out who their advisor is so I can contact them? Go to the line corresponding to the student in question and click the "Student Profile" box and then "submit".

Once you're ready to help students plan and register, see exactly how by watching a short video here or reading this detailed PDF. The student's advisor(s) will display on the profile page that comes up.

A: There will be an alert in Student Planning in the upper right hand side of the screen.

Q: I want to petition to overload my courses for a semester. A: No student may register for more than 20 hours in a semester without a cumulative GPA of 3.000 and permission of the Director of Academic Advising and Student Support. A: Summer registration occurs in the Office of Records, not online. For Summer 2018 it is April 16-17, 2018, however students can continue to register for courses until the session's start date.

Current students can access their unofficial transcript on Major Portal.

Once you log in to Major Portal, click "Student Planning." A new menu will come up. See letter from the Discovery Coordinator/Director of Writing and Teaching here. See letter from the Our Human Heritage Coordinator here.

Q: Are all classes eligible for online registration?

The student will then be notified of their status toward credit.The mission of the Office of Records at Millsaps College is to assist with the administration of academic programs, and to serve as a liaison with the faculty and as a service office for students.The Office of Records coordinates academic activities including but not limited to course registration, creation, and maintenance; protection of academic records; certification of students for continued enrollment and for graduation; and official transcripts.BACK to TOP Q: My GPA is _____ and I want it to be _____. A: You can calculate your GPA by visiting this website.Q: How does the registration process work from a student perspective on Major Portal/Student Planning? Q: How do I know if I have a registration restriction (hold) on my account that will prevent registration?

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