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Peter Zollman, the founding principal of Advanced Media Interactive Group, agreed that free posting can’t last forever, but he also added that “[i]n the meantime, maintaining an audience, and showing an ability to get around the sheriff’s edict, is important to them [Backpage].” Dart is sheriff of the second largest county in the United States.He is also a prominent proponent of anti-sex worker policy.In the suit, Backpage requests a preliminary injury, so that credit card processing will be restored to the site immediately; compensation for loss of revenue from credit card transactions this month; and punitive damages.Free posting Earlier this month, Backpage responded to American Express, Mastercard, and Visa’s disallowal of charges for adult services ads by offering free posting in that section.The problem with Eros is that they now require an ID scan for every new ad, which I find to be a huge violation of privacy and discretion.This is why I have always preferred [Backpage]; I don’t have to give them any personal info so I feel safe.“Other people have shared issues around…not being able to post at all,” Koster told Tits and Sass via a Facebook message.

An example: “thumbs nose at sheriff [Tom Dart, the Illinois Cook County anti-trafficking zealot who wrote a letter to Mastercard and Visa this month prompting their actions],” as the USA Today headline put it, but many sex workers believe this is the least Backpage can do for them during this difficult time in return for earning million dollars of revenue annually from our escort ads.People love talking about the benefits of webcam modeling, and they especially love it when new models get excited with them and sign up through the very convenient affiliate link provided. Update: Backpage filed a federal suit today against Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart for violating its free speech and equal protection rights after the Sheriff successfully pressured credit card companies to break with the company this month.In an e-mail to users on July 10th, Backpage informed posters that they can move their ads to the top of the listings for free every 24 hours.Each additional posting within that 24 hours will cost a dollar.

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