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We are miles apart (Copenhagen and Stockholm), but share a common love for visual experience and the means of genuine, fun and core gameplay.

We like to think of ourselves much like two children, trapped in adult bodies, still believing we can do anything and that everything is possible.

We don’t care about how and where our code is stored, scouting for tools or managing cross-platform environments.

Occasionally, we do cheat though, importing a bit of externally pre-calculated stuff.

There’s a bunch of interdimensional octopus-like bosses invading the cosmos and you need to prevent everything from being chewed up by greediness.

As they feast, feed and breed inside planets, you need to dive into zero-gravity, collect planet-cracking bombs and fire lots of laser to defeat them.

More or less everything related to gameplay is managed from one update context.

When the game is done, it’s done; we are not building an enterprise banking system – but instead, hopefully something that is fun.

As a collaborative tool, Defold really proved itself for us, supporting our shared game custody scenario.

Using Defold: Defold is manageable; it is neither overwhelming nor too little.

With limited resources and time at our disposal, we like to focus on making games.

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