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Since then, hundreds of women have formally filed for what is known as postmortem matrimony.

Posthumous marriage became legal in France by Article 172 of the civil code which states: "The President of the Republic may, for serious reasons, authorize the solemnization of marriage if one of the spouses died after completion of official formalities marking it unequivocal consent.

In 2009 a posthumous wedding ceremony was held in Batavia, Illinois, for Annie Hopkins, who had died of spinal muscular atrophy.

Annie Hopkins had said that she wanted a wedding celebration instead of a funeral.

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During World War I, a few women were married by use of proxy to soldiers that had died weeks earlier.

This practice came to be called posthumous marriage.

Posthumous marriage for civilians originated in the 1950s, when a dam broke and killed 400 people in Fréjus, France, including a man named André Capra, who was engaged to Iréne Jodart.

However, a recent spouse, named Christelle Demichel, wrote a letter to The New York Times to let people know that they have the option of marrying their lost loved ones.

Dimichel described the marriage as perfect and stated that “it remained in the spirit of a wedding.” The law does not permit the living spouse to receive any of the deceased spouse’s property or money.

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